Saturday, 19 May 2012

Budapest - Life in the Bubble

The brilliant Szechenyi Baths ( - a must see for any visitors to Budapest!

I thought I would kick off with a post about a fantastic place I stayed at recently, in the beautiful city of Budapest in Hungary.  When I'm looking for somewhere to stay, being a complete Yorkshire tightwad, I always tend to look at hostels first.  Having secured some bargain Ryanair flights from Manchester I then went searching for accommodation.  As a solo traveller (and one who isn't too bothered about getting off my face every night) I wanted to stay somewhere where I could a) get some sleep and b) socialise with some fun and friendly travellers.  I knew The Budapest Bubble ( was going to be a good choice after reading the comments about the two people who run this relatively small hostel...(and the prices weren't that bad either).  Both Olga and Gabor are absolutely fantastic fun and soooooooo friendly.  At every turn they proved an amazing ability to get everyone involved in hostel life; so much so, it felt like I was staying in a friend's apartment during my stay.  On top of this, they made sure that their guests saw Budapest at its best both day and night!  For the solo traveller, nay...any traveller, this place is perfect!  Get booking!

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