Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hostels and the Backpackers You Meet...

The Backpacker (Source - travelinsurancereview.net)

When you travel, and especially when you travel solo, you are bound to meet a whole host of characters in hostels.  I have touched on this in previous posts 'The Freak Parade - Oddballs on the Road' and 'Embrace Your Fellow Traveller...'.  What HostelBookers have done brilliantly is sum up the 15 types of weird and wonderful backpackers you are likely to meet in hostels.  I would say I am a mixture of one with a dash of three, but I have got better on the packing front in the past couple of years.

The people you meet in hostels can be hit and miss.  I have stayed in some hostels that have been populated with the most irritating travellers imaginable and hostels where my fellow roomies, common room TV watching buddy and I have hit it off quickly and made the most of our time in the destination.  And, I think that is the key...for the majority of people the hostel is just a bed, a place to sleep while you explore the destination you are visiting.  Not many people choose to visit somewhere just to stay in the hostel; they are there to enjoy and savour the sights and opportunities a place has to offer, rather than to spend time with Steve, who has lived on and off in the hostel for 3 months, not seen a single sight away from the local bars and whos crowning glory is a scale model of the Colloseum constructed entirely out of beer cans he has drunk.

Check out the link below and see where you fit in:

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